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About Me:

As a developer, designer and web creator I've worked for about 10 years in various internet industries including security, music, media distribution and game. Although my expertise lies cynically in such dying technologies as Adobe Flash, Microsoft DRM and Active X, I'm working on some web related projects recently. My favorite technologies are Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flash, protorype and scriptaculous.

On the other hand I love to listen and to play the piano music. The "Piano" section of this site lists musics I love with my crappy performance.

If you are interested in me don't hesitate to contact me!

Some of the projects I was involved:

My dissertation and traslation of a short essay on the idea of enlightenment by Oelmüller:

Adoration To The Art Of Piano Music

Nobu Kakegawa (Piano)

2010, KAWAI Digital Piano PW9, TiMidity++, SGM-V2.01.sf2


Taro Iwashiro:

Ennio Morricone:



  • Blue Bossa - 3:33
  • Tropical Jam
  • From Within
  • Caribe


  • Flight of the bumblebee (arr. Jablonski)
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